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ZOZEN gained high recognition in Pakistan with professional boiler solutions

Time:Sep 23, 2020 Views: 0

As the important heat energy equipment, the boiler plays a core role in industrial production as well as in personal life. Being the leading enterprise of Asian industrial boiler, ZOZEN has exported a lot of boilers overseas with excellent performance, ZOZEN boilers are widely used in all walks of life. It is worth mentioning that ZOZEN is an enterprise that specializes not only in manufacturing boilers, but also in providing appropriate boiler solutions. This time, ZOZEN was highly recognized by Kay & Emms(Pvt)Ltd, an enterprise in Pakistan.

Kay & Emms(Pvt)Ltd is a vertical integrated clothing company engaged in all processes of production from knitting, dyeing, rotary printing, finishing, stitching, embellishing, the annual output value of dyeing and rotary printing can up to 7,200 tons. A boiler acts as one of the important supporting facilities in clothing industry, providing heat energy support for the production processes including dyeing, drying and molding.

As the production scale is expanding increasingly, the previous boilers couldn’t meet the current production requirement, Kay & Emms(Pvt)Ltd planned to introduce a batch of high efficient and energy-saving boiler equipment. In view of the good reputation of ZOZEN in the market of Pakistan, Kay & Emms(Pvt)Ltd got in touch with ZOZEN on other partners' recommendations, and conducted a deep technical exchange with ZOZEN regarding their production status and actual demand.

In the production processes of this enterprise, there are strict temperature requirements for each workshop section, for example, the thermoforming process requires the temperature as high as 240°C while the drying process doesn’t need such high temperature. In this case, common steam boilers cannot meet their needs, and the energy consumption would be very high. In order to practicably achieve the goal of energy conservation and cost reduction, ZOZEN recommend the company with the combination of one set of SZL series coal-fired steam boiler and one set of YLW series coal-fired thermal fluid heater.

These two boilers have wide fuel adaptability, are suitable for bituminous coal, anthracite, lean coal, lignite, etc. The SZL series steam boiler has the characteristics of sufficient output and high efficiency that can fully meet the steam demands for slashing and drying; the YLW series thermal fluid heater has the characteristics of low pressure and high temperature that can provide sufficient heat energy for dyeing and molding; both complement one another, which effectively reduce operating costs and increase economic benefits.

This boiler system has been running smoothly for a period of time with the remarkable energy-saving effect and lower operating cost.

ZOZEN mission: always think on the views of customers, takes customer requirements as top priority and provide practicable boiler solutions for different customers.

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